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The Lutein Online Store is a convenient place to purchase Lutein
products. You can buy online or by calling (+86) 400-886-0197.
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You can place an order on the Lutein Flagship Store on T-mall. Visit
Lutein Flagship Store on T-mall
for customer evaluation about
Lutein products and service, Informatfon of recent orders.
Customer Service
You can get information about an order you palced on the Lutein
Online Store, Lutein Flagship Store on T-mall
through the order status page. If you prefer, you can also get order status or make changes by phone at (+86) 400-886-0197.
About us
Lutein is one of the most trusted leader in health care, we want to
benefit consumers by transforming the latest scientific results
through using the leading technology, we initiate living in harmony
with nature, and hope that we will live healthy and happy forever.
Honesty, Cooperation, Sharing.
We want to push consumers care about their own health, enhance
the quality of life, and deeply realize that healthy is happy.
Corporate Address
Rm. 1012, Garden Tower,
No. 368 Huanshidong Rd.,
Guangzhou, 510064, China
Tel: +8620-8386 6757
Rm. 113, HTC sanding.
No.16 HTC Road,
Yizhuang .
Beijing. 100062, China
Tel: +8610-6708 6299
Rm. 308,Building 2,
No.439 JingLian Road,
Shanghai, 201108, China
Tel: +8621-6439 8960

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